The brand name 'MOHO' is from a Korean adjective 'moho-hada', which means 'ambiguous'. 'MOHO'has been developedwith an ambiguous way of thinking, which thinksthrough critical ambiguity withoutexact and definite rules. There are neither principles nor theories but uncertainty only existsin pursuing 'MOHO'.

We just seek the process and the continuity in which a new way of thinking is created by breaking a conventional way of thinking. It's not a static thinking, but a dynamic thinking. 'MOHO' is a kind of way of thinking that always stays alive, thus it's raw and free, and sometimes it can beunpleasant.

When the certainty and principles are disappeared, only a certain flowof thinkingcan be existed. 'The correct answer' is static, so it cannot be dynamic with the flow.There's only a 'question'. We don't want the certainty that always asks the exact answer. It's an awareness of the space between words and its problem,neither negative nor positive, neither significance nor insignificance, and theboundary where an absolute value is not existed. It's a seeking for that space between the boundaries.

Seeking is the curiosity about the boundary, and asking a question. The question isn't a means to find the right and exact answer. It exists as itself, a process of thinking across boundaries. The question is 'MOHO'. It's always ambiguous. It's an endless attempt to approach to a certain way of thinking which is vague and uncertain.

The brand 'MOHO' pursues the ambiguity. It's the thought not about the right and exact answer, but about the question. This ambiguous question takes us to an area of unknown and perilous.